Outdoor advertising provides direct, impossible to miss, repeated contact the recipient’s with the message. Keep in mind that its audience is anyone who leaves home. Another advantage is, it doesn`t require any activity from the recipient. Outdoor has a mass character, a wide range and characterized by the variety of forms.

Internal visualization task is to draw attention of a customer located in the headquarters, a corporate lounge, shop, etc. The exhibition advertising should be prepare tastefully and adapted to the interior.

”Advertising is the leverage of trade”, so it’s worth investing in it.

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Indoor and outdoor advertising
Visualization of petrol stations and touchless car wash
  • Carport

Steel construction, roofing, fascia – lighted or unlighted and soffit.

  • Pylon price alert

Outer modular construction, electronic system with changes prices, steel construction, logo, spectacular LED displays.

  • Marking codes

  • Housing column

Straight or with additional elements (washers, baskets)

Building products with zinc and copper
  • Gargoyles

  • Ornamental tanks gutter, gutter distributors, expansion beetwen the gutter

  • Roofing Supplies (needles, wind roses, weather cocks)

  • Ornaments

Steel and aluminum


All advertising carrier we can do in illuminated or unilluminated form, depending on customer preference. For highlights use fluorescent lights, neon lights and LED systems.

  • Fluorescent

the cheapest way to get light, used primarily for advertising, which dimensions allow you to install them

  • Neons

can be almost bent into any shape, its really attract attention because of bold colors.

  • Systems LED

Light-emitting diodes are characterized by greater efficiency (high value of the illumination) and durability (50 000 h) in comparison with traditional light sources. Their big advantage is also energy efficient (several times less power than ordinary fluorescent lamps), and primarily functioning with virtually no need for maintenance. Are increasingly being used in advertising their bulky, roof, on masts, where the costs of servicing or repairs in case of using traditional light sources are very large. They guarantee the highest level of lighting in all weathers and at all levels of sunlight.

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