About Us

Kaufmann Ltd. in Rypin is a member of the Germany Group Kaufmann GmbH & Co.KG. On the Polish market, we have been present since 1997. Thanks to abundant offer and keeping in mind clients` satisfaction, we have quickly won their trust. This way, we have become an inseparable part of advertasing world.

We are specialized in the production of visual spatial, illuminated, small and big advertisements. These products are provided to the polish and foreign markets, for both individual and network clients.We guarantee the best price conditions and the highest quality of goods.

Our foundations are experience and modern technology, thanks to which we are capable of doing all projects in any materials. Each time we satisfy the needs of our recipients in a professional and comprehensive way, securing professional design and constructional consulting and offering efficient assembly equipment. Our clients are guaranteed assistance and excellent co-operation, and full satisfaction as a result.

Eager to always be one step ahead of the competition, we constantly invest indevelopment of our employees
and extension of our macines. We are aware that you shape your image through our advertising
carriers. That`s why whatever we do we spare no efforts on doing it perfectly.
Ready for new challenges, we remain at your disposal.

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